Commence Fcg DW at a corner.

Figure or Foot Postition Man ends Timing
1-3 Natural Turn – Turning Back Whisk – Chasse from PP – Wing
1-3 Natural Turn Back Whisk to PP Fcg DC 123 123
Chasse from PP – Wing Fcg DC 12&3 123
Progressive Chasse to R – Back Lock – Outside Spin – Turning Lock
Progressive to Right – Back Lock Bkg DW 12&3 12&3
Outside Spin (3/4 R) Bkg DC 123
Turning Lock Fcg DW 1&23

Fcg = Facing. Bkg = Backing. DW = Diagonal Wall. DC = Diagonal Centre.

This is a pupil’s rough guide. Come to one of our classes for a demonstration and to learn this variation.